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Artojo g. 7G, LT-92105 Klaipėda

We perform technical works on ships 7 days a week, 24 hours a day:

– Repair of ship hull structures;

– Welding of ship hull structures;

– Removing rust, applying shop primers and ship painting;

– Cleaning of ship decks using Blastrac shot blasting system meeting the SA 2.5 standard;

– All ship cleaning work (after the repair, the engine room, cabin cleaning, deck and hull washing and cleaning of marine fuel oil, diesel fuel, ballast and freshwater tanks.);

– Home appliance repair in ships;

– Air conditioner maintenance, filter supply, thermal insulation on ships and insulation;

– Thawing frozen pipes at winter, removing ice from decks, cargo holds dehumidification;

– Customized manufacture of metal structures;

– All steeplejackservices;

– Technical ship supply;

– Aspiration and utilization of contaminated water, collection and handling of the products contaminated with oil or other hazardous substances, and other waste;

– Applying a non-slippery covering made from 3 components;

– Rental of pumps, compressors and cleaning equipment